US Hotels are Increasingly Adopting Technology For Safer Guest Stays

The pandemic has left fewer avenues for hotels to survive through these very difficult times across the United States. Data from STR reveals that the US hotel industry (for the week ending Nov 28) experienced a sharp decline in occupancy with a 41% decline in RevPAR. 

There seems to be a severe trust gap among hotels and their guests, with travelers still unsure about the health safety of hotel rooms. US hotels are now more intently investing in contactless and digital guest service solutions to instill trust into their customers. 

The adoption of major hotel technologies by brand franchises like Marriott, Hilton and several others is inspiring many stand alone and medium size hotels to follow suit. Mobile check in, mobile room keys, and digital guest services etc. are becoming popular choices as hoteliers look to secure their future amid the pandemic.  

Hoteliers’ concerns go beyond health safety and COVID19 SOPs. There are multiple  liabilities that hotel owners are having to both identify and secure against in very little time, with the holiday season already underway.  

Technology is playing a central role in the hospitality industry allowing hoteliers to rebuild trust with their customers. Hotels are using websites, social feeds, and mobile apps to engage and empathize with their guests, while also providing important COVID19 information to them at the same time. 

Guest technology solutions including smart rooms, robotics and mobile are already making hotels safer for guests. UV sterilization robots are already being used in several US hotels, providing staff the safety they need while cleaning vacated rooms. 

In hotel back offices, technology is rapidly taking over operations with hotels looking into real time data insights for decision making. The clever deployment of mobility tools for property, revenue, and inventory management is allowing staff to securely complete their tasks without being physically present in the hotel. 

Technology integrations in hotels require careful planning and assessment before any physical deployments are made. Like any other investment, technology interactions for COVID19 safety and guest service require a careful technology gap assessment of the entire asset. Technology gap assessments are professional audits that allow hotel owners to identify liabilities, vulnerabilities, and pending upgrades in the hotel technology system. 

The process usually begins with gauging the efficiency of back office technology. This is the heart of the hotel technology experience that synergizes all the different technology elements of the hotel under one guest identity. The back office technology assessment is essential to identify vulnerabilities that are hindering hotel efficiency. 

Next comes a carefully planned guest technology assessment that analyzes the entire guest service technology design to ascertain its vulnerabilities, stability, and security infrastructure. This part of the technology gap assessment usually considers all the important touchpoints that must be automated to assure COVID19 safety for guests.

Finally hotel technology providers conduct a comprehensive liability assessment. This real time audit identifies all imminent threats, possible vulnerabilities, and liabilities for the hotel in real time. Once this assessment is complete a detailed technology gap report card is compiled for hotel management to overview. 

At AHT Inc. we have been rigorously working with hotels, resorts, and country clubs to build highly versatile technology infrastructures. Our successful deployments are already allowing the likes of aLoft Hotels and Tetherow Resorts to reopen their doors for guests. 

Our exclusive mobile room key solution is already powering the safety of thousands of travelers in the United States. From intuitive insights for better back office operations to highly sophisticated guest technologies solutions, AHT Inc. is continuously committed to delivering safety for both guests and hotel staff. 

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