Enriching Hotel Operations with Professionally Managed Technology Services

Hoteliers have over the last two years heavily invested in technology and improved I.T. infrastructures to meet changing traveler demands. The adverse effects of COVID19 is already pushing for a technology revolution in hospitality, with travelers demanding contactless services and more automation. 

Many branded hotels have even invested in more complex solutions including big data and artificial intelligence tools for more informed decision making. It is important to note that every technology system or I.T. infrastructure needs robust monitoring, maintenance, and upgrades to stay functional, especially in a 24/7 industry like hospitality.   

What are Managed I.T. Services

The daily management of hotel I.T. assets and other technology systems remain essential to keeping guests happy and staff efficient today. Especially due to the COVID19 health safety, hospitality operators must develop a technology & I.T. strategy to compliment the operations strategy. 

Managed I.T. service refers to the process of outsourcing the daily management of I.T. assets and other technology systems to a professional hotel technology management company. 

Managed I.T. service providers usually charge monthly charges for keeping hardware and software at hotels secure, reliable and compliant. Hotel managed I.T. service providers are usually chosen for their exceptional cost-efficiency, vendor partnerships, professional knowhow, and expertise. 

What Does a Managed I.T. & Technology Service Provider Do

It is important to understand that the job of the managed technology service provider is not just limited to I.T. hardware and software anymore. Hoteliers have to focus on multiple business operations, and hence require the freedom to concentrate on more critical tasks. 

Centralized Hotel Technology Management 

The managed service provider centralizes the planning, procurement, integration, testing, and deployment of technology in hotels. In addition, the managed I.T. professionals also act as the network management team and I.T. department. 

Compliance Of IT and Technology Assets

It is the managed service provider’s responsibility to keep technology and I.T. assets operational. They constantly monitor technology services and I.T. to assure conformity with operational guidelines. 

The managed service provider is also tasked with keeping I.T. and technology compliant. This means keeping hardware up to date and software patched for security flaws. It is also the managed service provider’s job to ensure the security of the entire network infrastructure keeping it safe from data breaches. 

Technology Strategy & Planning

Professional managed service providers also assist hoteliers by creating strategies to address issues to the I.T. infrastructure. This includes the maintenance strategy and implementing new technology solutions to improve existing service designs. 

Data Security 

Data security is one of the most important aspects of running a hotel today, with popular data protection laws in action across the world. Managed service providers can assist hotel operators through breakthrough solutions like access management, firewalls, threat management systems, encryption tools, and enhanced authentication solutions. 

Support & Assistance 

Probably the most important factor to contract a managed service provider is the valuable support they offer. Most managed technology providers offer 24 hour helplines to assist their customers on a continual basis. 

In a time when hotels are featuring multiple tech and I.T services, it is essential to have support ready to help when needed. Due to the nature of the hospitality business, it is essential to have ready technology assistance to diagnose and resolve issues as they happen. 


Managed I.T. services are an essential element of the hospitality process today. Due to the increasing instances of technology in hotels, it has become necessary for hoteliers to outsource their I.T. assets management to more capable hands. 

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