5 Ways to Improve Hotel Guest Trust Through Technology Amid COVID19

Hospitality businesses are patiently waiting for the COVID19 infection to subside and for travel to begin. In the meantime asset owners have gone back to the board room to figure out new service designs for a more contactless hospitality experience. 

Technology & automation was already the future for hospitality with rapid innovation since the last decade. Leading technology vendors have already developed cloud based enterprise solutions that allow hoteliers to manage their operations and guest experience from a single console. 

Today we take a look at 7 ways hotels are using technology to improve guest trust and increase repeat visits from guests in a post covid19 world. 

Self Check In Services 

An innovation that has been around since the late 80’s, self check in kiosks were some of the earliest technologies hospitality adopted. For post-COVID19 hospitality self check in may just be one of the essential digital services to keep hotels in business. 

The contactless experience through tablets, kiosks, computers, mobile apps, facial recognition etc. is being deployed by multiple franchises across the world. Even medium sized hotels are deploying breakthrough mobile app technology to deliver highly personalized guest experiences.  

Contactless self-check-in services are a brilliant way to attract guests, while showing them commitment towards health safety. With expectations of recovery to 2019 levels moving up to 2024-25, self check-in services are destined to be the ultimate trust factor when booking hotels in the next 5 years.  

Mobile Room Keys

Mobile room keys become mainstream technology after its vast success at Marriott Hotels. 

A fairly cheap alternative to physical keys and plastic cards that can be readily manipulated or lost, mobile room keys require nothing more than a Bluetooth enabled phone. 

As social distancing makes concierge accompanying guests difficult, mobile based services have been a great success in hotels to build resounding trust with guests. The ability to keep the guests safe in an innovative way has also shown to enhance their experience in multiple academic researches. 

Mobile room keys are set to become the standard in several hotel franchises including the Marriott Group and Hilton hotels. 

Digital Payments  

Digital payments had already become the standard for digital & ecommerce businesses courtesy of the number of vendors offering secure online payment solutions. Chinese hotels already accept payments through the renowned WeChat app across the country. 

More contactless service due to social distancing will certainly lead to most hoteliers adopting digital payment options. There is however considerable proactive management required for digital payment systems to be a clear success. 

Hosting secured and trusted digital payments enhances both payment efficiency and guest trust. A contactless payment solution also keeps the guest completely protected from human interactions while giving them complete access to their billing services. 

Information and More Information 

Travelers are intent on receiving more safety & health information from their favorite hotels. In a previous article we have already identified actions guests are demanding from hotels post COVID19.  

A vast number of travelers in the US use smartphones to keep in touch with their favorite hotel brands through social networks and mobile apps. Keeping customers connected through regular updates including blogs, safety messages, and empathy marketing can significantly boost guest trust in brands. 

Websites and social media marketing are already a popular way hotels reach out to their inbound audiences looking from unique experiences at great prices. Empathizing with this demographic over digital platforms can build resounding trust with the brand. 

Hoteliers take this opportunity to provide the guests with complete information from room sterilization, offered services, hygiene information, compliance and contactless services. 

PCI Compliance & Trained Staff 

As digital payments and technology based guest services become part of the process, data security will be of great significance. The compliance of all hotel technology systems will be the determining factor of competitive edge in the industry. 

Increased alerts for cybercrime since the coronavirus pandemic began are already leading to hoteliers having to reassess their digital security controls. Adding more technology without professional compliance only increases liability for the asset owners. 

PCI compliance remains a detrimental factor in deploying a successful information technology service management framework. Many of the PCI rules have been adopted from the initial ITIL framework designed to enhance the synergy between operations and IT assets. 

A secured, compliant and reliable guest technology experience will not only build trust but increase chance of revisits from the guest. When guests know their personal and financial information is secure, they will have added loyalty to the brand.  


As technology takes a front seat in hospitality businesses we would like to thank you to take the time to be with us today. 

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