Hospitality Providers Forced Towards Technology Investments and Integrations in 2021

Hoteliers across the United States are recognizing the cost efficiency and service quality technology brings to their assets. From simple Bluetooth lock integrations to mass data security tools, technology services are allowing hotels to remain operational in 2021. 

Hospitality providers faced with the only choices, either to close down or adapt, are being forced into investing in technology management services to establish clear roadmaps. A hospitality operator must now create a completely new operational strategy in addition to building new relationships with their technology management provider.   

In the passage of time hoteliers will understand that technology integrations are unique for every unique hospitality asset. The one size fits all concept doesn’t really suit hotels, resorts, country clubs and even restaurants. 

Proactive hoteliers who have already developed their technology infrastructures have their customized software stacks, platforms, and hardware building a highly efficient guest service solution. 

Mobile technology remains one of the most sought solutions in even small and medium sized hotels. Maintaining health safety regulations remains a top priority in the hospitality industry, with multiple solution providers offering contactless mobile check-in and room access solutions. 

Hotel operators are also increasingly interested in risk and liability management post-COVID19. The changing service design also gives rise to multiple liabilities in hotels, and a thorough liability assessment remains essential to identify threat surfaces within the hotel technology system. 

At AHT Inc. we have introduced a comprehensive technology gap assessment to identify vulnerabilities, efficiencies, and liabilities within hospitality technology assets. The decision to invest in technology requires clear insight about where the technology system stands, what changes it needs and how to integrate these changes. 

Technology management providers play a crucial role in planning, budgeting, and procuring hotel technology. Once this technology is procured it must then be synchronized to work together with PMS. One of the most common flaws of vintage PMS software is their inability to synergize with breakthrough hospitality applications.

The constant maintenance and monitoring of hospitality technology is essential to ensure that every guest receives the premium experience without the human touch. Maintaining the security, stability, and scalability of the entire hotel technology systems is also one of the most sought out services in the US today.  

Maintaining the guest technology experience is essential since no guest will tolerate standing in the lobby in case the mobile app crashes. Another great example are malfunctioning bluetooth locks, that can lead to adverse guest ratings. 

As 2021 rolls on there will be an increased interest in further automating hospitality assets to assure even simpler hospitality experiences. With robotics already leading the way, even smaller hotels will begin featuring butlers or luggage bots that will assist guests through their stay. 


We hope you enjoyed this opinion feed from our local technology management team. At AHT Inc. we routinely request feedback from our clients and understand the various strategies owners are deploying to survive through these tough economic times for the industry. 

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