5 Top Benefits of Hiring a Managed On-Site Technology Support

On-site technology support and maintenance is one of the most sought out services within the hotel industry. While remote support holds great significance in 24-hour business, on-site tech support remains crucial to the efficient operations and compliance of hotel technology.

Most hotels tend to hire their own on-site engineers and always have them present for maintenance & routine support. There is however a more cost-effective, more productive and secure solution to address on-site technology support at hotels.

Today, a number of managed technology providers offer on-site support services to hotels & hospitality businesses. Experienced & dedicated on-site engineers are assigned to a property that they visit in emergencies and for routine maintenance.

Here are 5 reasons you should consider contracting your on-site technology support to a managed technology provider.

1.Cost Effective

Irrespective of a hotel’s size, costs & expenses remains the most important factor for any business. It is the main determinant to hire either an in-house engineer or a managed out-sourced engineer.

An in-house engineer comes with several expenses, including:

  • Hotel franchise technology training,
  • A manager to supervise the on-site engineer,
  • Account for holidays and medical leaves,
  • Provide growth and skill training,
  • Provide equipment and tool upgrades for the engineer.

Allocating a budget for in-house I.T. personnel can be very costly due to several reasons including the above.

An outsourced managed on-site support engineer does not come with the added expenses. The hotel contracts the support from a managed technology service provider with a fixed cost. The outsourced managed technician will hence cost less and be constantly trained to maintain your hotel’s franchise benchmarks.

2. Maintain the Guest Experience

An essential that you want from your on-site engineer is to ensure they maintain the guest experience. The tech support needs to resolve issues quickly and with the highest quality of service and most efficient issue resolution.

An outsourced technology engineer will have considerable experience, greater knowledge, and a more diverse team to choose from. Outsourced engineers have also dealt with more issues, thus able to find solutions faster. In businesses where technology is at work 24 hours throughout the year, it is essential to have on-site support with quick resolution ability.

3. Technology Security

Cyber threats are very popular in the hotel industry now, and it is also the second most infiltrated industry today by cybercriminals. A minor virus or vulnerability can bring down the entire hotel infrastructure, while also affecting other properties in case its a franchise.

A managed technology provider usually comes with a treasure trove of experience handling cyber threats. They can better pinpoint sources of origin and better equipped to handle the vulnerability.

Managed hotel tech support providers also ensure their knowledge base and tools are kept up to date. Threat protection and antivirus software that hotels require for daily protection is kept updated to ensure your hotel runs at maximum security and efficiency. They also provide routine maintenance to ensure all systems are compliant and secured with the best protective technology.   

4. Hardware & Data Compliance

Data protection is necessary for every hotel today. PCI compliance for payment systems, data privacy, and local storage is essential to ensure your guests have a positive experience at the hotel.

A managed outsourced support engineer is usually trained to ensure your hotel meets all compliance requirements for both hardware, software, and data privacy.

5. Technology Disaster Recovery

In case of major issues like a hack or a natural disaster that renders technology useless, your managed support will be equipped to handle the issue with the proper backups and recovery media.

In case of viruses and crashed servers the on-site support can quickly get your secondary systems online so your guests don’t have to face the inconvenience and danger of being exposed to criminals.


Managed on-site support is not only a cost-efficient but also a more reliable asset when it comes to hospitality businesses. While cost and security remain the primary concerns when hiring on-site support.

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