Developing Technology Security Risk Assessments & Compliance Systems To Protect Against Cyber Threats

Hospitality businesses are the second most popular targets for cybercriminals due to their massive exposure to financial & personal data. Massive volumes of validated data remain accessible to cybercriminals, while hotel management still to this day debate the relevance of hotel security risk assessment & compliance.

Over the past 10 years, we have already witnessed some of the biggest cyber breaches targeting hospitality companies. Our recent article, Hospitality Data Breaches to Rethink Your Hotel Cybersecurity, highlights some of the most notorious cases of cybercrime attacks in hotels.

Hotel security risk assessment and technology compliance remain some of the most debated topics in hospitality today. At Advanced Hospitality we have delivered hotels proactive security risk analyses, technology security solutions, and privacy strategies to enhance guests privacy, data protection, and device security.

Hotels Should Focus on Reducing Human Errors 

Mohammed Shoaib Ziaee (Director of I.T. at Advanced Hospitality Technologies Inc.) establishes that “the most common cyber vulnerability at any hotel are humans.” He adds that untrained hotel staff can be dangerous to the entire asset.

Here, Ziaee adds, the ideal best practice is to remove the human error. Training staff routinely and equipping them with leading-edge tools (to identify malicious events), data privacy & protection policies, and restricting access are all excellent ways to begin in-house compliance.

A very crucial aspect of the security risk assessment and compliance process Ziaee mentions is the routine audit of information systems & databases. By keeping track of the volume of information, the processes deployed to collect them, and who has access to this information is essential to creating a digital privacy policy.  

Cybersecurity Risk Assessments & Compliance are Core Business Costs 

When justifying cybersecurity assessments and technology compliance, the debate should be won quite easily. Adherence to prevalent security laws, privacy guidelines, and data security legislation is simply a cost of doing business in hospitality. 

The conventional hotelier might not be inspired by the technology compliance and security assessment argument. At least not until their property experiences a severe data breach, leading to expensive lawsuits. The smart modern hotelier understands the impact of digital privacy policies and routine technology compliance. 

Advanced Hospitality Technologies Inc. – Professional Security Risk Assessments & Technology Compliance Services

Advanced Hospitality Technologies Inc. has led from the front against cybercrime, data breaches, and hackers for over 20 years. 

Our world-class team of engineers, consultants, support staff, and technology managers have persevered to deliver future proof technology infrastructures to some of the largest hospitality businesses across the United States.  

Our services include cutting edge techniques and policy-making to ensure your hospitality business operates efficiently with seamless business continuity strategies.

Information Security  

The protection of personally identifiable information is fundamental for all hospitality businesses who maintain information assets and databases. We deploy future proof & secure technology infrastructures powered by rigorous security policies to ensure the security of guests’ personal data. 

We establish strategic privacy & security policies, conduct routine training sessions for staff, and conduct routine security audits for all your I.T. assets. 

Cybersecurity Strategies 

Our leading-edge cybersecurity risk assessments and compliance keep your hotel informed and protected, even against zero-day attacks. Our proactive approach ensures rigorous risk assessments, audits, and compliance programs to ensure fluid decision making.    

Security Awareness Training  

We take steps to educate your entire roster with the security strategies and staff responsibilities. Remember that threats are not just external, they can emanate from within the business. Monitoring every digital touchpoint is also necessary, therefore we communicate all essential guidelines to both I.T. and service personnel. 

Securing Your Intellectual Properties

We also proactively secure your intellectual properties including your brand, technology standards, and design against cyber attacks. Our team constantly monitors your network infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities while looking for areas of improvement. 

Regular Security Risk & Compliance Checks 

Our experienced team is well versed with hospitality technologies and the threats that follow. We conduct routine health & compliance checks for all your technology systems, keeping it compliant and secure. 

We assure that every dollar spent on compliance and upgrades has a corresponding reduction on the security risks to your business. We create meaningful quarterly reports that highlight the health of technologies, their compliance status, areas of improvement, and new threats that may affect your business. 

POS Security Management 

Point of sale machines are the revenue-generating touchpoints that are necessary to secure irrespective of hotel size. A minor vulnerability can lead to a significant data leak and later develop into liabilities. 

Our professional team is equipped with all the latest PCI compliance knowledge, training, and educational resources to help your hotel POS systems. We not only conduct rigorous testing but also deliver the latest training and guidelines to hotel staff for proactive privacy of financial information.   

Managed Technology Partners 

To ensure you never have to worry about cyberattacks and data breaches, we offer our exclusive white glove services to hospitality companies. This unique service delivery method gives us full management of your hotel technology, allowing us to rigorously monitor, re-engineer, and keep your technology compliant.  

Our exclusive white-glove service ensures cost savings on personnel & hardware, constant monitoring, instant maintenance, 24-hour digital configuration & assistance, 24-hour support, elevated brand presence, and leading-edge compliance. We allow you to focus on the operations side of the business while we take complete care of your hotel technology infrastructure. 


At Advanced Hospitality Technologies Inc. we are constantly indulged in developing more rigorous cybersecurity systems, privacy strategies, and risk assessments to assist hospitality businesses. 

Get in touch with our team today for a comprehensive technology security assessment for your hotel. For more interesting reads visit our blog, until next time, see you again soon!