COVID19’s Inevitable Cybersecurity Threats To Hospitality Remote Workers & Businesses

In December 2019, the UAE Internal Auditors Office’s Hospitality Sub-Group held a seminar to alert the imminent threat of cyberattacks to the hospitality industry. The seminar discussed the critical importance of internal technology audits & GAP analyses, the importance of compliance teams and the robustness of the cyber-resilience program in hospitality companies. 

Come March 2020 and we see a completely different world. Global lockdowns, quarantines, social distancing, and a pandemic that knows no bounds. Organizations are quickly adapting to the severity of this outbreak with employees being allowed to retreat to their homes and continue operations through remote work. 

The mass migration of workers to remote access and local home networks has quadrupled the cybersecurity risk to businesses. Cybercriminals are already seeking avenues to begin a ruthless campaign of breaching home networks. It is, therefore, becoming essential to have assistance for your remote hospitality worker where possible. 

Deloitte mention in a recent article, “From our Cyber Intelligence Centre, we have observed a spike in phishing attacks, Malspams and ransomware attacks as attackers are using COVID-19 as bait to impersonate brands thereby misleading employees and customers. 

This will likely result in more infected personal computers and phones. Not only are businesses being targeted, end-users who download COVID-19 related applications are also being tricked into downloading ransomware disguised as legitimate applications.”  

Secure Your Remote Workers During COVID19 Lockdowns 

The most important aspect of this entire process is to understand that organizations are in fact securing themselves while securing their remote workers. The real digital gold as it happens is not bitcoin, its BIG DATA. Big data flows across hotels through sometimes unprotected local and remote networks. The sheer number of devices that access this data sometimes remains uncertain.

As companies downsize and cut down costs, it may not be the most ideal recommendation but the evidence suggests that the enemy is simply too complex and well prepared.  

Technology Management

To counter specialist cybercriminals you will eventually need a hotel technology management provider’s assistance. Most hospitality tech management companies offer a comprehensive solution that covers the cybersecurity, network design, perimeter security, hardware & software, technology compliance and support of hotel technology systems. 

Relief During COVID19 Pandemic

During this time of concern, AHT Inc being a leading hotel technology management provider offers a series of relief discounts to ensure business continuity across the hospitality industry. Our remote access solution is powering a huge number of remote workers to accomplish their daily tasks from their homes. 

Certified Hospitality Professionals

Our PCIP and HFTP consultant can assist your hotel to develop a concrete & robust cybersecurity resilience strategy, securing your remote workers from day one. Our specialist hotel technology managers can also assist you to choose VPN, threat detection & protection, remote access services, and your benchmark cybersecurity solutions. 

World-Class Support 

AHT Inc also offers a highly experienced team of support engineers managed in three tiers to ensure prompt resolution, especially for complex security issues. Our proficient support team is well versed with everyday issues, while a senior assistance engineer is always present to guide remote workers through complex operations. 


Get in touch with our team for a detailed discussion about our exclusive technology GAP assessment and cybersecurity program development services. 

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