Hospitality Contactless Technology: Overcoming the Challenges of COVID19 with Digital Services

The US hotel guest’s hotel experience is about to change, and set to entirely evolve into something new. COVID19 infection remains, and so must the resolve and belief of the hospitality industry in technology. 

Contactless technology is assisting hotels reopen everyday and begin offering guests a techtastic service experience ensuring excellent health safety and services. In their 2020 survey, Oracle identified that close to 60% hoteliers are already planning to integrate several contactless solutions in response to increasing guests demands. 

Competitive Advantage with Contactless Guest Service

US hoteliers have begun to accelerate technology adoption and are already redesigning their entire guest journey around digital contactless services. In his very insightful article on, Zain Jaffar writes:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated an already accelerated rate of tech-adoption in the hotel industry. Smart capacities and services that were previously considered add-ons to the guest experience will quickly become requirements in the post-pandemic hospitality space. 

The health and safety risks of the virus combined with travel restrictions and the economic downturn have forced every hotelier into immediate action. Those that make the right investments and leverage digital technologies to improve and elevate their guest offerings will be in the best position to survive through the pandemic and thrive in its wake.”   

Hotel operators who have been proactive in their approach towards COVID19 are already reaping the benefits of contactless services. The Marriott Bonvoy app is one successful example of a highly digitized guest journey. 

Marriott Bonvoy allows guests to book rooms in over 5000 hotels, check-in online, allow keyless room entry, provides exclusive loyalty point features, and vast customization through a simple smartphone interface. 

Similarly, other hotel franchises have intuitively invested in contactless technology to safeguard guest health, provide undeterred service, lower maintenance costs, and achieve competitive excellence in the process. 

The Westin Houston Medical Center hotel introduced its GermZapping UV sterilization robots to assist staff maintain cleanliness standards and assure guests of sanitized rooms. 

A brilliant example of the contactless technology experience is the Yotel Hotel in New York. This state of the art hotel offers a signature luggage collection robot that delivers luggage straight to the guest room. The robot, cheesily termed ‘Yobot’ allows guests to check-in without human interactions and on board them straight to their rooms.  

Reducing Operation Costs Through Technology 

Technology is assisting hotels minimize costs through different solutions including keyless entry, online check-in, service robots, and smartphone apps. In addition to keeping staff safe and guests away from all human interactions, tech is allowing personnel to work directly from their homes. 

Conferencing apps like Skype, Revenue Management systems like QuickBooks, and Bluetooth based technology is allowing hospitality businesses to continue operations without having to risk liabilities incurred due to human interactions. 

Several hotel franchises have now embraced the eco movement, converting their power management to more environmentally friendly solutions. The use of wind and solar power has considerably increased in hotels that are adopting the changing demands of travelers. 

The use of smart sensors is also a growing trend in hotels allowing them to gauge water waste, experience energy savings, and conduct predictive maintenance as systems identify. Smart building technology has already assisted hoteliers maintain strict security, and save energy in unoccupied areas of the property over the last decade. 


Hotel operators are actively investing in intuitive technology solutions that allow them to manage the challenges posed by COVID19 while maintaining excellent cost efficiency in operations. 

The survival of hospitality is embracing the technology revolution, which honestly has been impending for a few years. Hoteliers will find that they can rebuild trust with guests by simply managing technology effectively. 

Technology management remains an integral part of the entire contactless guest sexperience, allowing hotels to consistently deliver elevated levels of service to every single guest. Get in touch with us to learn more about technology management services for COVID19 avoidance. 

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