Contactless Guest Services are becoming the Future of US Hotels

Recovering from the COVID19 pandemic the global economy has found great solace in smartphone and contactless solutions for business. Similarly, contactless technology in hotels is not just performing but dazzling. 

Contactless guest service is the trending concept in US hospitality, succeeding the dominant concept of seamless guest service as in previous years. Hoteliers are actively redesigning their entire guest journeys to ensure health safety, staff safety, and enforce rigorous risk management.  

Contactless technology like digital check-in & check out, keyless room entry, touchless food delivery, room service robots, and voice assistants are already the present for hotels in the US. 

The future of hospitality rests on the idea to make the traveler’s experience seamless through contactless technology.

What is Contactless Guest Service?  

Every hotel in the US is trying to survive by innovating their services and adapting to new technology solutions. In a recent discussion with AHT Inc.’s Director of Information Technology, M.S.Ziaee, shared his definition of contactless guest experience:

“Contactless guest service is a set of standards and technologies adopted to minimize the risks of transmitting COVID-19 while offering guests the same premium quality services they love.”  

Contactless guest experiences allow hoteliers to provide guests with more personalization and convenience with faster service delivery. This is most definitely demonstrated by the digital check-in and checkout feature saving hotels from crowded lobbies and guests from infection. 

Benefits of Contactless Hospitality Technology Service 

The benefits of contactless guest services are immense for hotels providing them with a strong environment of security and health safety. Known benefits from real time applications of contactless technology include:

  • Health Safety 

Health safety is the most important and most sought benefit that operators have experienced from contactless solutions. The ability to keep public areas less crowded, guests safely in rooms, food services active, and a concierge always available through a smartphone interface is truly incredible. 

This also allows staff to stay safe at a distance and complete other tasks while making sure guests are satisfied by services. 

  • Elevate Guest Satisfaction 

Contactless solutions are a great opportunity to wow guests during their stay. Contactless technology is a great trust builder between hotels and their guests. Contactless service allows guests to control their stay, and keeps them constantly informed about important notices sent directly to their smartphones. 

Contactless services like one-tap check-in, keyless room entry, online concierge chat, and contactless food delivery are leading examples of highly recommended digital services. 

  • Low-Cost Maintenance 

The costs of integrating, maintaining, and upgrading contactless technology has also proven meagre against many other capital investments in hotels. Tech including mobile apps, bluetooth gadgets, sensors etc. are easy to replace, repair, and maintain in the long run. 

  • Secure and Faster Payments 

Payment and data security are essential elements of hospitality services. The introduction of touchless and digital payments is also a great way to conveniently allow guests to make payments quickly online. 

  • Unlimited Data Analytics for Hoteliers

The integration of digital services and contactless solutions provides hotels with a rare competitive edge. Deploying digital guest services also provides hotels to learn from hundreds of guest behaviors and preferences. 

The data accumulated from observing guest ordering, activities, and requests can allow hotels to predict what guests might look for in similar circumstances. Hoteliers can also learn more about their prospect audiences and their likes to innovate their services in the future. 


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