5 Common Challenges For Hotel Staff When Working From Home And Their Solutions

In a time of great concern and lockdowns the U.S. hospitality industry is taking necessary steps to curb the economic impact from the COVID19 pandemic. Most hotel owners have sought refuge with the highly debated remote work system. 

Amid the global social distancing drive remote work is allowing organizations both big and small the opportunity to continue business operations. A two year study by Dr. Nicholas Bloom of Stanford University concluded in 2018 that remote workers are more productive, healthier, and motivated. 

With the fear of inefficiency out of the way, U.S. hoteliers & asset owners must now concentrate on establishing flawless remote workflows. The remote workflows must satisfy certain prerequisites though that ensure the cooperation between teams, synchronization & prioritization of tasks, accountability, and remote staff morale.

Collaboration & Communication   

Communication remains the most common challenge for remote workers across the world. While a number of staff remain on premises for various tasks, most hotel staff including revenue managers, procurement, and general managers will have to stay under lockdown for the foreseeable future. 

Hotel owners & management will be required to reconsider their communication stack, and develop a new process to ensure all teams seamlessly collaborate and maintain regular communication.

There are a variety of remote work services available today to access local hotel databases and files remotely. For instance, AHT Inc. offers its high speed remote worker access service for hotel staff on the go.  

Tracking Team Tasks & Delivery 

Tracking the completion and delivery of work is of primary concern for hotels due to the sensitive nature of the economy and the fragile nature of the industry. Managing hotel revenues, stocks, maintenance, quarantine, and other aspects requires due diligence and response.

With staff distributed across locations and fewer staff on the property, meeting deadlines is always a concern. Managers will not only be responsible for overseeing everyone remotely but also keeping track of tasks through secure remote access to hotel systems.    

With communications already a primary issue, staff must themselves be responsible with defined work hours and a dedicated workplace. Having a simple task tracking app like Google’s Tasks or something as simple as Trello can also be effective, but may require proper training for staff to use them. 

Distractions at Home  

When working from home it will be essential for staff to manage the distractions that delay tasks and interrupt meetings. Working on the garden, fixing the roof, getting the groceries, and the gaming console will have to wait until work is done.         

Staff must be clearly briefed by management ensuring they have all relevant knowledge of having a prioritized schedule when working from home. This also includes reminding them of managing distractions by having a dedicated workspace and defined hours for work.                       

Avoiding Overwork

Over work can be burdening for staff especially in case of a lockdown. Over work can affect employees psychologically and make them make mistakes. While working from home is important, staff should ensure their tasks are scheduled daily. 

Taking time out for exercise, a hobby, family, pets or digital entertainment is a great way to take breaks between work.  

Alienation & Loneliness  

A pandemic lockdown means that people will experience feelings of loneliness and social isolation. It is the job of managers to encourage communications, keep the mental health of staff in check, and address their remote work issues as soon as they are identified.

Conducting live online meetings is essential to ensure all remote workers are organized, collaborating with their teams, and delivering tasks as usual. 


We wish all our readers the best of health and our best wishes for those fighting the COVID19 threat. 

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